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The world’s leading climate impact index.

Åland Index is a cloud-based service for climate impact calculations. Åland Index is the leading index solution for CO2 emission calculations for payments and financial transactions.

Since 2015

The Åland Index team has developed index solutions to help consumers become aware of their impact on the planet. Åland Index is continuously being updated and the near-term roadmap includes additional impact sources and expanded financial data sets. The Index helps banks, and financial service providers deliver personalized, data- and impact-driven services to their customers.


We are entering a new era of shared responsibility between consumers, producers, retailers and financial services. We aim to accelerate the transition. You are welcome to join.

We offer four core climate impact pillars:


We offer a proven, independent benchmark climate index, to enable calculation of climate impact, currently CO2. The index base upon leading financial data covering 99,9% of market cap globally. The “Åland Index 2.0” is available in the market in December 2019.

Groundbreaking innovation

Åland Index was developed in 2015. The index enables financial transactions to be measured by their impact on the planet. It is an award-winning innovation, that merges financial transactions with leading sustainability data and technology. It was developed together with leading financial data providers and is verified by a third-party auditor. The index connects the purchase price with kilo carbon spent but also puts a price on carbon, visualizing the true cost of consumption to the end-user. The pricing is aligned with what the science indicates is needed to mitigate the current climate crisis, according to the IPCC and the World bank. The index can be applied to all types of transactions – debit/credit card, accounts, digital wallets, etc. It is continuously updated.


Our clients integrate the climate impact calculations using the Åland Index API, provided as a cloud-based service. We call it “Åland Index Connect-and-Go” – climate calculations without any hassle.

A friction free, cloud-based service

Our clients can integrate the climate impact of the Åland Index solution through an API, hosted in the cloud. Our service provides scalability, resilience, redundancy and the security required by banks and financial market participants. No exchange of customer identified sensitive data is needed to access the service.


We help our clients engage their customers in everyday climate action, through an “off-the-shelf DO Experience”. We offer a set of design/tech features, that can be applied in our client’s own interface (web or app). The client can also build their own experience, based on our sandbox DO app, offered as a service.

Visualizing impact data

We have done extensive testing on how to best present climate data to end-users. We know which categorizations help raise awareness and how to visualize the carbon footprint to trigger action. Our carbon impact calendar, in combination with the possibility to offer user-generated categories, are powerful features to help end-users reduce their footprint.


Our clients want to engage their customers in a long-term climate relationship. We, therefore, provide access to our Climate Compensation platform, where end users can buy UNFCCC certified carbon credits to offset their footprint. Another feature, that will be launched during 2020, is a unique impact investment platform where our clients can offer high-quality ESG/sustainability/impact funds to their customers.

How it works

Åland Index Solutions offer a comprehensive and innovative user experience for climate impact calculation, integration, communication and activation. Through our services, banks and payment providers can offer end users all the tools they need for everyday climate action. The Åland Index open API, provided as an AWS cloud-based service, accounts for scalability, resilience, redundancy and the security required by banks and financial market participants.

Groundbreaking functionality

We offer selected parts of the “DO Experience” to our clients. The Doconomy advisory, UX/UI and tech team support deployment according to our clients needs.


Helena Mueller

Head of Åland Index and Impact Data

Helena is a pioneer in true cost calculations, impact valuations and ESG data management and disclosure. Having worked at, or with, international banks and financial services for almost 20 years, she has gained a deep understanding of how to engage customers in raising climate awareness through digital platforms. Helena was Head of the Climate Change and Sustainability advisory practice at KPMG Sweden and was part of the team that developed Åland Index. She has vast experience from B2B sales, business and tech development as well as environmental and socio-economic impact calculations.

Per-Anders Bedman

Commercial Partnerships

Per Anders has over 30 years of experience from various leadership positions in the intersection of business, financial markets and IT/technology. He has a solid experience from B2B complex sales and has worked for buy- and sell side firms and for financial systems providers, most recently at Cinnober, where he was Deputy CEO. At Docoomy, Per Anders is responsible for B2B partnerships and for developing the B2B business area.

Fredrik Lagerträd

Chief Technology Officer

Fredrik is a developer and technician with over 10 years of experience from the intersection between business and technology. He has broad technical skills and previous experience of building digital platforms in the financial industry. He is the former CTO of Great Works, a creative business studio helping companies find new revenue streams through digital services, and prior to that he was tech responsible for various consumer facing digital platforms at The Absolut Company.

Mathias Wikström

Creative Impact Strategy

Mathias has spearheaded several internationally recognized projects within financial services for positive impact. Working as Director for creative strategy and innovation for several years and with strategic communication, he has a long-lasting passion for sustainable solutions as well as for engaging clients in driving change. He was instrumental to the development of the Åland Index and has worked continuously to enhance the capabilities of the data as well as calculations further. 

Anne-Maria Salonius

Member of the Board, also Head of Finland Division at the Bank of Åland

Tove Erikslund

Member of the Board, also Chief Administrative Officer at the Bank of Åland

Nathalie Green

Member of the Board and CEO of Doconomy

Paula DiPerna

Senior Advisor Sustainable Finance to Doconomy

Partner with us

We are an agile and lean team. We are dedicated to deliver a smooth and fast implementation and the best customer experience to our clients. Our vision is to enable a sustainable lifestyle for all and to establish a world standard for impact calculations.

We are brave, collaborative and transparent. And we are looking for likeminded businesses, willing and able to join our quest.

We’re looking forward to a successful collaboration!

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